Modern Technology, Efficient Systems and Procedures

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash,, would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. ECash,, is expected to handle more than hundred millions US dollars in trading volume every day. Blockchain is gradually being accepted by International banking authorities worldwide, and supported by more and more legislation. All these factors attribute to a promising, legitimate, and mainstream bound future of cryptocurrency. From inception of Ecash platform, it dedicated to advocating of cryptocurrency assets, which will pave the way for cryptocurrencies to better serve the cryptocurrency society.

Blockchain Real Estate System


Real Estate Redefined
The Blockchain Real Estate System makes it possible for the first time ever for people and companies to make real estate transactions without going through archaic intermediary systems like brick and mortar real estate brokerages and agents, lenders and escrow companies that can make transactions more expensive, slow, error ridden and may open opportunities for fraud or crime.

Free Property Manager

Everything needed to maintain your home or rental
Online rent payments, background, credit checks and eviction checks in minutes free to homeowners and Landlords.

  • Rental applications online, mobile optimized and web integrated.
  • Property management allows you to handle the finances, profit and loss, track expenses and reports with tenant login, rent payment, notifications and records.
  • Vacancy marketing system to help you advertise and find quality tenants.

Transaction Admin


Real Estate Transaction Administration Software
Reduce transaction management issues and create more time to prospect, recruit, and grow your business, with one easy, paperless workflow, Less time on paperwork = More time to grow your business and provide top level service to your clients.

Educated Agent

Real Estate Training and Education
Committed to providing high quality online training to help you succeed.

Real Estate Education, Training and Professional Development.
Designed for new agents and those that want to increase their production.

Hawaii Home Auction


Hawaii Home Auction is a Hybrid between real estate auctions and traditional real estate. We took the best features from real estate auction and traditional real estate and created a process that works better than any other selling method in any market condition. The Hawaii Home Auction method of selling real estate gives buyers and sellers more options when buying or selling real estate.


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