United States Homeowner Association


The mission of the United States Homeowner Association is to provide Homeowners, HOA’s, Associations, Condominiums, and Boards of Directors with comprehensive and professional information, resources and a forum to collaborate for advocacy.

The United States Homeowner Association has been organized to strengthen the real estate investment of homeowners and our members, establish distinguished professional standards and codes of ethics dedicated to: “Strength In Unity and the Enjoyment of Property”, and provide a “Standard of Professionalism” for Homeowners Associations, Management Companies and Boards of Directors.


The United States Homeowner Association objective is to help homeowners and homeowner associations solving legal, financial and other problems, allowing us to join together and utilize the strength of our great numbers.

Homeowners and Homeowner Associations working together providing tremendous strength and influence on a State level to enact legislation that will benefit all homeowners and citizens.

The cost of Homeowner and HOA insurance has recently dramatically increased. We can reduce this cost by advocacy on a statewide basis to manage their insurance rates and work together to mitigate claims and losses. And we will convey a message to insurance companies that there is enormous strength, order and direction in the community association industry.

Financial planning and reporting are essential to the survival of any organization. Information and resources will be available to assist with financial matters, accounting functions, budget preparation and reserve analysis and tax preparation.

The United States Homeowner Association provides education and training for Board Members, Homeowners and Management Companies on subjects of finance, conducting meetings, parliamentary procedure, preparing essential records, etc.

A repository of knowledge with Rental documents, CC&Rs, Bylaws and other association and homeowner documents.

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